Traditional Afghan Temori Carpet Made By Afghan Carpet Weavers From Silk And Sheep Wool And Afghan Cotton Afghan Carpets

About Carpet - Weaving Craft

Afghan carpets are one of the most famous handicrafts of Afghans which is traditionally produced in Afghanistan. Afghan carpets are one of the most famous carpets around the world. Carpet weaving crafts have an ancient history of 9000 years in Afghanistan. We can say that Afghanistan was one of the biggest producers of sheep wool and decorative carpets worldwide. Afghanistan’s carpet trade made one of the biggest trades during the Aryaian period in the region and worldwide. 


Steps of Weaving Carpets 

Washing and Shearing - Spinning - Dyeing - Weaving - Cutting and Burning - Scrubbing - Stretching - Packaging

Materials used in these carpets

  • Hand Rooted Wool (Sheep Wool) 
  • Afghani Cotton

2.07x1.53 m
Weight :
Made In:
3.16 Square Meters

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Area3.16 Square Meters
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