Decor Wood Piece For Wall Design

About this product:

This Wood Piece is handmade and made by Afghan artists. These woods are purchased from the woodshop in the form of chump, and all of them are cut down as a ring shape by the carpenter. When carpenters cut them, the painter polishes the surface to make it smooth for painting and coloring. Finally, the painter paints and colors the surface with acrylic paint. 

Advantages of buying this product:

By choosing this product, you can beautify your home and office and create a different atmosphere in the interior of your home and workplace. Murals in different styles and designs create a unique feeling. This piece not only reflects the individual's taste but also creates a sense of relaxation.

Process of Making these products

  •  Choosing Wood
  •  Cutting
  •  Polishing
  •  Painting

Mulberry Tree Wood:

Mulberry wood is strong and has high strength. Oaktree wood has beautiful natural patterns.


  •  Wood type: Mulberry Wood
  •  Size: 20 X 20 cm

Brand Name:
Sima Art
20X20 cm
Weight :
0.471 Kg
Main Material:
Mulberry Wood
Made In:

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Sima Art
Sima Art was established 2015 and its painting model is realism. Sima worked in face p...
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