“Sama Dance” Handmade Painted Earthenware Decorative Plate Set Made By Afghan Artists Handmade By Istalifi Artists From Clay

About the product 

This pottery plate set is made by Afghanistan artisans ( Estalef ). The painting of this platen is done by Kabul craftsmen, which is composed of black and yellow. The pottery industry is the making of vessels with flowers and the vessels made in this way is called pottery. The soil of this plate is called ( RAAS ) and it can be washed. This soil has been selected due to its good thickness for making containers. The culture of using this dish is widespread throughout Afghanistan and people also use this type of dish abroad. Except that this type of plate is used for food, the beautiful and eye-catching design of this handicraft makes a house, room, and space beautiful.

  •  The name of this plate set is ( Sama Dance ) 
  •  This set has three plates 
  •  The mud parts of this plate are called ( RAAS )

Before production, the plate walkthroughs these stages:

  •  pottery 
  •  painting 

The sizes of this plate set

  •  Smaller plate: 15 cm
  •  Medium plate: 20 cm 
  •  Bigger plate: 20 cm


The use of domestic products has boosted the country's economy and helped to further promote Afghan product culture and gain more interest. 

Advantages of buying this product:

By choosing this product, you can beautify your home and office and create a different atmosphere in the interior of your home and workplace. Murals in different styles and designs create a unique feeling. This piece not only reflects the individual's taste but also creates a sense of relaxation.

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Zahra Art Queen
15,20,20 cm
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