Classical Istalif's Handmade Pottery Candle Holder With Turquoise Color

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About The Pottery Candle holder:

This pottery candle holder is a well know art of Afghanistan and is made by Istalifi Artisans. “Gel Zard” clay is used to make this pottery candle holder, This clay is used by many Afghan potters to make these kind of products or ceramics. The coloring of this pottery candle holder is done with natural colors, These natural colors are made of Copper, Gemstones and Flint Stone. 


Pottery is the process of making objects and tools from Clay or “Khak Rass”, the objects or products which are produced are called Ceramics. The clay (Khak Rass) is used in the making of these ceramics because of its thickness. Ceramics are a part of Afghanistan’s culture and are commonly used by Afghans. Afghani Ceramics especially Istalifi ceramics are well known in other countries. 

Boosting The Economy:

The use of domestic products will help boost our country's economy and help to further promote Afghan products, and its culture and interest. 

Other Features: 

  •  The weight of this pottery candle holder is 415G
  •  Has a turquoise color

Before production the bowl walkthroughs these stages:

  •  Pottery 
  •  Color or Paint 
  •  Heating

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