KHNAGER DOZI Handmade Shoes For Women`s

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KHANGER embroidery is a great industry in Afghanistan. This part of the industry is mostly carried out by women in Bamyan provinces. All the process of this boot is made by hand. Its various colors show the beauty of this boot. The elegance used in this boot also shows the art of these women.

  •  The fabric of this boot is hand embroidered
  •  This handmade boot is KHANGER DOZI
  •  The design of this boots are local bamyani 
  •  Soft and comfort property 
  •  Has a diverse colors

The material used in this boot

  •  The embroidered fabric

The softness

This woman's boot has a soft and light boddy

Suitable for any clothing

This boot has different beautiful colors that can be suitable with any outfit

Postscript: The use of domestic products has boosted the country's economy and helped to further promote Afghan products culture and gain more interest.

Brand Name:
Zanan Momtaz Bamyan Trading Company
Dark red
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Zanan Momtaz Bamyan Trading company established in 2016. This company is working...
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