Handwoven Kids’ Soft Clothes Set For Girls 1-1.5 Years Old From Special Threads Woven With Tapestry Needles And Hooks

About this product

This cloth set is for 1-1.5-year-old girls. This shirt is hand-woven and made from special threads with tapestry needles and hooks.

Benefits of buying this product

Unlike other kids’ clothes in the market, this product has higher quality, durability, and beauty. It is made from soft fabrics and threads with higher quality, gentle nature, and can prevent skin abrasion. With this product, your kids will feel comfortable and gentle.

Pieces in set

  •  Hat
  •  Shirt
  •  Trouser

6 to 8 months old kids
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Nilofar Ahmadi Handicraft was established in 2019. It’s work includes boy/girls shirts...
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