Wood Carved Kalimah (Bismillah)

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About Wood Carving Craft:

Wood carving is one of the handicrafts. Wood carving craft has an ancient history in Islam religion. The oldest wood carving phenomena was dated back to the 1st century which was made of wood in Omar Bin Lais Saffari’s period. This craft was used in mosques, the court (Darbar), and guesthouses of kings during the rising period of Islam religion.

Stages of Wood carving

Choosing text or picture to be carved - Drawing the text on the sheet - Choosing the right wood Drawing the text on wood - Chopping wood - Modelling - Finishing.

Material used in this Wood carving

  • Russian Thorn Wood

Postscript: The use of domestic products has boosted the country's economy and helped to further promote Afghan wood carving craft and gain more interest.

Made In:
Main Material:
Russian thorn wood

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