Charitable Packages Made For Eid Contains Different Dry Fruits

About this package

This package contains different fruits such as green raison, pea, berry, pistachio, semeyan and almond which is dedicated to the upcoming Eid ceremony.

Kindness Is The Most Important Principle Of Humanity!

Humans have been found in the world to help and hold the hands of the weak. Kindness and helping others is the essence of humanity. By Helping and supporting poor people, We would do our duty as a Human being and a True Muslim. 

This package includes the following food items:

  • Raison 175 Gr
  • Peas 175 Gr
  • Berry 175 Gr
  • Pistachio 100 Gr
  • Semeyan 175 Gr
  • Almond 175 Gr

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