Rozhan Dried Mango Afghanistan’s Natural Product

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About this product:

This product is selected from the best Afghan farms and prepared from the best fruit products. This product is all natural and healthy and no artificial colors or flavors are used in it. Mango is a kind of fruit with a limited season and a dried type of it is a good choice to use it during all seasons. 

Paper packaging: 

These products come in paper in packaging which avoid product and environment contamination. Paper packaging prevents pollution and is easily recyclable.  


  •  No added colors or flavours 
  •  Sugar-free 
  •  Contain Vitamins A, B, C, K 
  •  Suitable for vegetarians 

Vitamin A health benefits: 

This vitamin helps in the growth of white blood cells or lymphocytes, which helps fight infections. Our teeth are made up of a hard substance called dentin, which needs vitamin A for its natural strength and hardness. In addition, vitamin A acts as a barrier to the production of cancer cells in the body.

Vitamin B health benefits: 

Vitamin B helps metabolize fats and proteins that help the nervous system function. This vitamin also helps to improve the condition of red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Vitamin C health benefits: 

  •  Prevention of immune system failures
  •  Prevention of skin wrinkles
  •  Protection against cardiovascular disease


100 gm

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