Our Sellers

ABC Supermarket
ABC Supermarket officially opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 20th June 2017, with its 12,500 square ft. retail outlet on Street 3, of Taimani, Kabul. ABC Supermarkets is a new concept in supermarkets in Kabul, offering a spacious and modern design, with high-quality branded products at an affordable price.
Afghan Electric
Afghan Electric is an importer of the best and highest quality home and kitchen tools. Most products of Afghan Electric are among the most famous brands in the world in the field of home and kitchen appliances.
Afghan Emerald
Afghan Emerald Jewelry was established in 2012. It is a jewelry business specializing in modern jewelry inspired by traditional Afghan design. We have shown our products in several different national exhibitions and produced over 1000 extraordinary pieces of jewelry.
Afghan Mart
Afghan Mart started operating in 2015. Most products of this company are in the fields of home appliances, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances and mobile accessories.
Ahadi Handicraft
Ahadi Handicraft was established in 1990 in Kabul, Afghanistan and their products are wool wasket and woolen hat. This industry has been more than 30 years of experience in the section of handicraft product.
Aina Hunar
Aina Hunar Studio started its activity in the field of Art in cooperation with Firoozkooh Institute on 24 April 2017. This Studio is lead by Nilab Sultani Nawabi; their products include of: miniature art paintings and refinement of Behzad school style, modern paintings and calligraphy.
Aksos Book
Aksos Book Store is a brand. This cultural foundation has changed the book trade into a vast book trade. Aksos always has an innovative perspective, which thoroughly changes the way of reading and publishing. Aksos is one of the first book stores which has an online delivery system in a country. Aksos is a great brand for group-working and it is one of the best cultural-trade foundations in Afghanistan.
Ali Shop
Ali Shop has been operating since 2016 and operates in the fields of women and men clothing, Shoes and cosmetics. Ali Shop is always looking to create special designs.
Amtaa Company
In 2018, Amtaa Company operates in the field of announcements of purchase, sale, rent, mortgage and job search, and Amtaa helps you in the field of finding, buying, selling and renting your personal or commercial property.
Anharul Asal
Anharul Asal is one of the experienced and credible sellers of honey and herbal medicine. The seller collects the best and rarest types of honey and herbal medicine from local and abroad. With its +30-year experience, Anharul Asal has become one of the most trusted sellers of honey, and herbal medicine in the country.