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Our Sellers

AB Shoes
AB Shoes start working by young talented entrepreneur Abdullah Saeedi to import high-quality sneaker shoes since 2019 from well-known brands to can give you the ability to choose the best designs. Featuring a wide variety of colors and sizes of sneaker shoes for various occasions. At AB Shoes we think that products should be high quality, stylish, and most affordable.
ABC Supermarket
ABC Supermarket officially opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 20th June 2017, with its 12,500 square ft. retail outlet on Street 3, of Taimani, Kabul. ABC Supermarkets is a new concept in supermarkets in Kabul, offering a spacious and modern design, with high-quality branded products at an affordable price.
Abdali Book Bank
Abdali Book Bank is the biggest leading physical wholesaler in Afghanistan. We provide the world's bestselling and most reading book and we know as Vast selection, Good quality, Low prices in Kabul.
Afghan Electric
Afghan Electric is an importer of the best and highest quality home and kitchen tools. Most products of Afghan Electric are among the most famous brands in the world in the field of home and kitchen appliances.
Afghan Emerald
Afghan Emerald Jewelry was established in 2012. It is a jewelry business specializing in modern jewelry inspired by traditional Afghan design. We have shown our products in several different national exhibitions and produced over 1000 extraordinary pieces of jewelry.
Afghan Handmade Leather
Afghan Handmade leather started working since the last months of 2020 to play a very important role in improving the leather industry in Afghanistan. We work to explore and show unique leather-made products, to show the rich leathercraft. We produce Leather made belts, wallets, bags, and other leathercraft supplies.
Afghan Mart
Afghan Mart started operating in 2015. Most products of this company are in the fields of home appliances, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances and mobile accessories.
Ahadi Handicraft
Ahadi Handicraft was established in 1990 in Kabul, Afghanistan and their products are wool wasket and woolen hat. This industry has been more than 30 years of experience in the section of handicraft product.
Aina Hunar
Aina Hunar Studio started its activity in the field of Art in cooperation with Firoozkooh Institute on 24 April 2017. This Studio is lead by Nilab Sultani Nawabi; their products include of: miniature art paintings and refinement of Behzad school style, modern paintings and calligraphy.
Aksos Book
Aksos Book Store is a brand. This cultural foundation has changed the book trade into a vast book trade. Aksos always has an innovative perspective, which thoroughly changes the way of reading and publishing. Aksos is one of the first book stores which has an online delivery system in a country. Aksos is a great brand for group-working and it is one of the best cultural-trade foundations in Afghanistan.
Alshifa Butchery
Alshifa Butchery prepares the highest quality and freshest mutton, beef, and chicken. In our butchery, we give priority to cleanliness, and we serve our dear citizens with a high standard of work, observing the Islamic rules in the area of slaughtering and cutting meat.
Amanullah Vegies
Amanullah Vegies has been working to provide the best and highest quality vegetables in Kabul for nearly 15 years. In recent years, Amanullah Vegies has tried to provide selected and high-quality products at reasonable prices for its customers.
Amzaman Group of Companies
Amzaman group of companies started their activities in the import of clothing accessories of the most well-known brands for several years. We are the exclusive representative of Erke European brand in Afghanistan. And we have been proud to serve the people of Afghanistan for many years.
Anharul Asal
Anharul Asal is one of the experienced and credible sellers of honey and herbal medicine. The seller collects the best and rarest types of honey and herbal medicine from local and abroad. With its +30-year experience, Anharul Asal has become one of the most trusted sellers of honey, and herbal medicine in the country.
Arg Woods
Arg Wood Industries has been working for ten months now that young people are working in our industry. We make wooden goods from natural wood. Afghanistan's own four nuts and bolts. Most of Afghanistan's old designs are used.Nuristani carving is done on goods and jalis are also old Kabul style.
Aria Handmade
Aria Handmade started operating from 2020. Our products are in the silver jewelry section of Badakhshan and Afghan clothes, of course, in a classic and modern style that women used in the past to decorate and beautify And our effort is to renew the old memories and to show the indigenous culture of our city, and to use the resources of Afghanistan in the right way so that we can show the true image of Afghan women to the society inside and outside.
Art Diamond
Art Diamond is working in digital Graphic. It has been almost 15 years since working in Afghanistan. The company was involved in celebrating the world Women's day on 8 Mar. 2018, as well it participated in the exhibition of friendship between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, digital art exhibitions of the French cultural sector are among the achievements of this company.
Mohammad Naeem Atarud was born in Laghman Province in 1984 AD. He has a PHD in Management and worked  in Capacity Improvement, Public Procurement, Reform, Dispute Resolution and Policy making for more than one decade. As well, he worked on projects for USAID, USDA and DFID worked and right now; he is the CEO of a Private Agricultural and Manufacturing Company.
Atima Noori Handicrafts
Atima Noori Handicrafts Company has started its official activities with initial capital of 5000 AFN and cooperation of 20 young enthusiastic, committed and dedicated women in the summer of 1397. After initial startup the company was able to boost its operation by receiving SME loans. The company has received its business license from the esteemed head of ISA Afghanistan. The company has been working on providing job opportunities for all those entrepreneur women seeking jobs. The company operates in the field of women’s handicrafts and other relevant objects.
The Afghan Women’s Education Center (AWEC) was established in 1991 by a group of educated Afghan women in Islamabad/Rawalpindi Pakistan. They are rally together to address the lack of facilities for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. It is the first non-profit organization to mobilize scattered refugee women in and around Islamabad. This center provided a place for women to meet, as well as offering classes in literacy, tailoring, English language, women’s rights awareness, typing and Computer training.
Ayeda Trading Corporation established in early 2019, is a registered & licensed trading platform based in China and Afghanistan. Ayeda Designs founder Ayeda Shadab designs ‘Ayeda’ labelled products, locally manufactured within Afghanistan and sells to the customers across the globe with free shipping option. So for she has designed and manufactured over 50 traditional and trendy Afghan dresses that are already worn by our happy customers across different countries. is established in august 2020 and opened the store-front in January 2021. is a children’s content provider in Kabul City. Through a store-front, serves families and the education sector. Through our store-front, we provide retail services to our customers. We work with leading brands to provide high-quality content
Bull is the first brand of Peshawar sandal in the country. Bull Brand started its activities in 1397 in Jalalabad city with 5 skilled workers. After a short time, the products of Bull brand were welcomed by customers all over Jalalabad and in the second step in Kabul. Now, after more than three years, Brand Bull, with a skilled work team of 10 people and products of more than 25 sandals per day, and with better designs and services and excellent quality, is at the service of customers.
Chinar Sabz Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of pure and natural vegetable oils in Afghanistan with advanced machinery. The company lubricates all oil seeds, filters, and produces them with great packages as per the standards.  The products of Chinar Sabz Production Company consist of  high quality vegetable oil for hairs and excellent black seed oil.
City Brand
City Brand is one of the companies importing Shoes in Afghanistan, which imports most of the first copy goods, including “Nike, Gucci etc” with high quality and reasonable price from world famous brands. Shop
The purpose of store is to supply goods to customers with the highest quality and lowest price and to meet the major and special needs of our customers, we accurately buy products from reputable manufacturers in large quantities to offer the same products to customers at the lowest price.
Crafty Gifts
We’re Crafty Gifts and we’ve been making amazing hand-crafted gifts and presents for almost all of your pleasant occasions here in Kabul since 2019. We believe giving gifts is a perfect way to show our loved ones how we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.
Darafsh Art
Darfash Art Gallery has been working in all fields of painting and sculpture since 2018. So far has more than 20 paintings of past kings and is able to receive orders.
Durani Trading Ltd has started its activities in 2018 and imports products such as sports equipment, gaming, home and kitchen appliances and medical equipment from world famous brands.
Dursa Handicraft
A different shape of handwork, Dursa was founded in early 2021 and three types of products are made in Dursa: The first type is decorative tableware that includes plates, bowls, napkins, etc. The second type is home decor such as wall rings, pillows, curtains, bedsheets, coffee art, etc. The third type is fashion products, including bracelets, handbags and purses, necklaces, headpieces, and more.
Elham Basir store
Elham Basir store, which has been started working in Afghanistan since 2019. We proud to import the latest and highest quality products such as car jacks, car repair accessories, key fobs, Burmese and other products from the most well-known brands in the world.
Elibanu Trading Company
Two young entrepreneur girls founded Elibanu Trading Company in late 2018. The company officially started with the production, processing, and packaging of saffron in the spring of 2019. Our main goal is to empower women by creating jobs and spread the good quality and organic saffron of Afghanistan to the world. Elibanu saffron company provides the most original and high-quality saffron to Kabul. We are committed to delivering the best Saffron to our domestic and foreign customers at the most reasonable price.
Enayatullah Akhandzada
Enayatullah Akhandzada shoes Shop has been operating in the men's and women's shoes sections in Jalal Abad for the past 20 years. Most of the products of Enayatullah Akhandzada are men and women shoes, Boots and sandals for men and women from world famous brands.
Etihad Supermarket
Etihad supermarket was established in 2015 in Kabul, Afghanistan. And is a local Afghan supermarket based in Char Rahi Qambar Kabul- Afganistan, with a focus on freshness, quality, range & convenience.
Fatana Bayat Co
Fatana Bayat Trading Company, established and registered in 2018, purchases and processes dry fruits, saffron, and handicrafts for the purpose of sale in the local market and export to international markets. The company is one of the few businesses, who tries to change the balance between import and export of Afghanistan.
Gaam Shoes
Gaam Shoes Manufacturing Company, with more than seven years of experience in the production of leather shoes, is a rapidly growing manufacturer of formal shoes in Afghanistan. Their products include winter leather shoes and slippers made of high-quality materials, which have gained the trust of thousands of customers across Afghanistan.
Gandamak Art Group has started its activities for a year now with the initiative of the creative and hardworking youth of the country. And we produce products such as paintings, clips, necklaces, and other woody products.
Golesang as a national brand for cloth-painting in Afghanistan helps with Afghan women’s Economic-independence since November 2019. In just a year, the visitors expanded and now Gol-e-sang is known with a professional group of people and individuals from the community who have energy for learning new skills and helping their community.
Gul Barg
Gul Barg was established in 2000. Most products of Gul Barg is suck as: Fresh flower and handmade gifts.
Habib Shopping Mall
Habib Shopping Mall started operating in 2015. This supermarket is mainly active in the sections of food, home appliances, electrical appliances, children's toys, stationery, men's and women's fashion and children's clothes. Most of Habib Shopping Mall goods are from famous brands in Turkey, Dubai, India and China.
Hadia Fashion
Hadia Fashion established in 2016 and working in laptop begs from famous brands of the world like:GUCCI, Calvin and POLO. This company is at the top of the Afghanistan market with different types of bags accessories.
Haji Ainuddin
Haji Ainuddin Trading Company established in 2008 in Afghanistan, and is one of the leading companies in the fields of technology, computers, mobile phones and also essential home appliances. The company's products are mostly in technology accessories.
Hamayon Kandhari
Hamayon Kandahari Ltd is one of the biggest first-hand importers of home & kitchen appliances in Afghanistan. The business was started as a family-owned business with the goal of introducing the newest home and kitchen appliances to Afghans. In our business journey, we have always tried to not only introduce high-tech appliances to Afghans but also familiarized them with the use of these appliances so they can improve their living standards.
Hareer Afghan Western
Founded by a team of five ambiguous artisans, Harrier Afghan Western, is a clothing design company that produces traditional Afghan costumes with an enhanced touch of western designs. Currently, the company with a manufacturing house, a standard showroom in the center of the city, and several local and overseas distributors has become the fastest-growing clothing design company in Afghanistan.
Haroon Suhail Co
Haroon Suhail Trading Co established in 2000 and working in Men fashion from famous brands of the world like: ZARA, GUCCI and CK. This company is at the top of Afghanistan market with different types of men's fashion accessories.
Hashimi Clothes
Hashimi Clothes started working in January 2020. Hashemi Clothes is an importer of high quality Turkish brand clothes. Here we are trying to import the highest quality and best products according to the season.
HB Perfumes
HB Beauty Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd stocks one of the largest fragrance and cosmetics selections in Afghanistan including many niche and ‘hard-to-find’ brands. Our customer service is second to none and the majority of products are priced very competitively all year round so no unwanted impulse sales – we provide to the customer what they want at great value for money. From designer women’s perfumes to men’s aftershave, scent-store offers the very best in fragrance, skincare and cosmetics. Our extensive range of perfume and aftershave includes all Top end and niche brands.
Health, Hygiene & Happiness
Health, Hygiene & Happiness Company is one of the largest importers of high quality health supplies and products from the most reputable companies of the world.  Our company provides excellent quality products which are imported from most reputable companies around the world. We also provide after-sales service. Ensure the health and well-being of your individual, family and community by using health supplies and goods.
Hitman Collection
The Hitman collection operates in various sections of men's and women's clothing. This company is an importer of men's and women's clothing in large sizes, baggy, slim fit sports, and casual clothes.
Hotak Shoes & Sandals
Hotak shoes & sandals established in 2021, we are bringing the best quality footwear’s from India to our own country Afghanistan, we provide the best and high-quality products, our footwear is made out of the best quality Indian foam and leather, and our goal is to provide our customers the best quality with lower cost