Promoting Afghanistan's Handicrafts


More than one million Afghans are artisans. They make unique handmade products, inspired by their culture, intellect, and emotions. However, these artisans which make 20 percent of the labor force of the country heavily relies on an industry that doesn’t make money for them.
The problem relies on the fact that there is no permanent address for buying unique handicrafts at affordable prices and most shops at the market center’s have high rent costs. Helps Artisans to Find the Right Market

In addition to's efforts on providing a convenient e-commerce platform, we are also working to promote the handicrafts of Afghanistan. We have directed our focus on tackling the mentioned challenges that artisans face when they are selling their crafts. On our eCommerce platform, the sellers (Craftsmen) can open and manage their online stores quickly and easily. The online store is completely free and unlike physical stores don't have rent or maintenance costs. Moreover, each online store provided by has a unique virtual address that allows customers to find the store from anywhere, anytime. 

Our work has not been limited to overcoming the mentioned challenges. We have created new opportunities for Afghan craftsmen which gives them access to international markets. Since serves domestic and international customers, international customers can order and receive Afghan handicrafts directly from the online store of Afghan artisans.

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Due to our efforts, more than 20 artisans who are registered with have been able to improve their crumbling business to a sustainable business with high return.