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Find new customers, get another stream of income, become a nationwide seller through

A New Customer Base 

As a registered seller on, find new customers that you probably didn’t even know about. These customers are on the Internet and waiting for you to discover them and attract them with your products. 

A second stream of Income

Finding your new customers Online have their perks, and one of them is getting a second stream of Income beside your physical sales income. As your Online Customer base grows, it can even result in your second stream of income toppling your first one. 

A Nationwide Seller

The Customers you serve today are mostly people who are closer to your store and others who may visit you from different areas of Kabul. But, as a registered seller on you won’t be bound to the distance and the kilometers. As your products start appearing on the Internet, you will reach the people in Kabul and the people all over Afghanistan who are on the Internet and are interested in the types of products that you’re offering.

Great! But wait, what’s in it for’s mission is to be a platform where people can get anything delivered with the most unique and individual experience ever while also opening new boundaries for individuals or businesses to grow and succeed.

Both statements in our mission are closely intertwined with each other; here is how, 

  1. Our customers can find and get anything delivered from our Sellers
  2. Our Sellers can grow and succeed by offering our customers those things

According to the above statements, It’s clear that Our Partners have a vital role in helping us get to our mission. To ensure that they are always by our side and help us reach our goal, we assure that we provide them with the right Technology, Tools, and Infrastructure to help them grow and succeed.

Cool! So what will I be provided with?

As we said, as a registered Seller on you will be provided with Technology, Tools, and Infrastructure to help you grow and succeed; here are the vital ones, 

  1. A Web Address on’s Marketplace Website and a Digital Address on’s Marketplace Mobile App, for customers to visit, explore, find, and buy products from you with just a few Clicks 
  2. A Set of Customer Management, Marketing, and Sales Tools to Manage Customers, Show your presence Online and Boost your Sales 
  3. A Delivery Infrastructure, which will help you deliver and ship your products all over Afghanistan, Making you a Nationwide Seller 

Sweet! What should I Know before getting Registered?

Here are the things you know before getting Registered,

1. Lower Prices

Your Online customers are no different than your current customers. Both are always looking for the cheapest and lowest prices. And for this reason, you always have to make sure that the products you’re putting up on are at their lowest prices possible.

2. In-Demand Products

If you’re a Seller dealing in seasonal products, you must make sure that the products you’re registering on are In-Demand at the time of registration. The more In-Demand products you have online, the better customers you will reach and attract. 

3. Honest & Clean 

To create a positive brand image around your brand or business, make sure that you maintain an honest and clean relationship with and your Online Customers. 

4. Thinking Long-Term 

Marketplace, eCommerce, or Online Shopping is the future of Shopping. To be a part of that future, you should be a Long-Term Thinker and understand that reaching your Online Customers is difficult and takes some time to attract and create a customer base around them. If you follow the previous 3 steps and implement them well, then reaching that goal will surely catch a pace. 

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