35 Buttons Gaming Keyboard With Mouse, Gaming Key-Pad Mouse Set Mobile Phones Game Specially Made For PUBG's Game Players

35 Buttons Gaming Keyboard with Mouse, Gaming Key-Pad Mouse Set Mobile Phones Game

It is a new electronic type of device that has been specially made for this to play games like PUBG mobile game & Call of Duty on the phone more interesting and exciting. It will improve your gaming skills. this is amazing.

It has a small device that has three ports:

  • The first port is to connect the mouse
  • The second port is for connecting the keyboard
  • The third port is for line to connect with power, the line of this device can be connect with a computer
  • To know better how to use and activate this device, it is better to watch the video below this link: https://bit.ly/39YlnLQ
Connectivity Technology:

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