Chess Set, Walnut Wood Table, Lapis & Marble Pieces, Felt Rug

About This Chess set

  • Paktia Walnut Wood, The table is made of high-quality Walnut Wood from Paktia, which makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Felt Rug, comes with a Felt Rug, to make sure of your comfort and let you focus while preparing for that checkmate move 
  • Badakhshan Lapis and Marble, Chess pieces are made of Lapis and Marble adding the classic look to the whole set

Brand Name:
50X50 cm
Made In:
35 cm
Box Weight:
2.27 Kg
Rug Weight:
2.15 Kg
Board Weight:
7.1 Kg
Total Weight:
11.52 Kg
Rug Size:
160X100 cm

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