Why Click.af?

Shopping is exciting, but not all the time.

Running from shop to shop, bargaining with every shopkeeper, and not knowing the real information of the products are all burdens.

But for a moment, think of a place where you can find all your needs just by clicking and swapping products on your smartphone or computer with their final prices and complete details of products, and reviews of previous consumers.

Well, here we are! At Click.af find your needed products, order, and enjoy the luxury of receiving your order on your doorstep. You may not like your order! just send it back without any extra charges. Or you may want to exchange your order for something else, again we are here for you. At Click.af we are delivering Asani.

Our Delivery Agent with Express Delivery Motorcycle at Click.af

We Seek Improvement

Since the beginning of our work, we have intended to improve the shopping culture of Afghanistan. That is why customer satisfaction is one of our core values. Through our experience, we have developed the best pricing, return, and exchange policies. These policies not only have improved customer satisfaction but also have improved the standards of customer service in Afghanistan.

Delivering Groceries by Click.af Team

We Are Initiating a Big Change

At Click.af we are facilitating an online marketplace where anyone can start his/her online store in just a few Clicks. This way anyone who has or can produce a good product can become an online seller.

We have been able to help 100s of individuals and companies to start their online businesses.  Moreover, our works have resulted in more than 50 direct job opportunities and 100s of indirect job opportunities. As we are expanding our service more and more entrepreneurs are joining us which will result in more economical growth in Afghanistan.

Disinfection of Clickl.af's Delivery Agent | Covid-19 Pandemic, April 2020 | Click.af

We Win By Solving Serious Issues

In addition to being the leading e-commerce platform of Afghanistan and having the trust of hundreds of thousands of Afghan, our team members were one of the heroes of COVID-19 pandemics. During the lockdown of Kabul city, We were able to solely serve seven million Kabul citizens with their primary needs and even provide medical essentials to active organizations.

Delivery of Aid Packages by Click.af |Click.af

We Care for Our Society

As citizens of a country in crisis, we should voluntarily work to improve our country. As a proud team, Click.af was the creator of the innovative Musaidat aid program. This program aimed to reduce the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 lockdown. We developed an online solution for connecting donors and vulnerable Afghans across Kabul City. Using our platform donors across the country and world were able to purchase and donate food packages to a beneficiary selected by them or us. As a result, we delivered more than 200 food packages to 200 vulnerable families.